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Two women—a secular Jewish lawyer, a newly separated Orthodox milliner—meet by chance and discover in each other a life not lived.

Nadine, a secular Jewish lesbian, meets Orthodox Miriam through Miriam’s children. Nadine wants to cultivate her Jewish identity where Miriam is dealing with doubts about her place in the world in the wake of her husband’s departure from both their household and Orthodoxy. The women’s friendship grows as they spend time together, and chemistry between them takes weight. Miriam’s estranged husband knows Nadine as a fellow lawyer and tries to steer Miriam, whom he perceives as unworldly, clear of Nadine.  Miriam surprises him and Nadine both by filing for civil divorce. In the course of an evening observing the ritual at Sabbath’s end, Nadine and Miriam confront the desire between them. What will Miriam choose?


Writer and Director
Susana Darwin

After studying film production as an undergrad at the University of Iowa, Susana Darwin dedicated more than 20 years to educational/reference publishing, the law, and community organizing before returning to this early and abiding passion. "Hatboxes" is just one of dozens of scripts and story ideas Darwin has in progress, though this film represents both her commitment to compelling storytelling and to a discipline of scale and scope.

Susana Darwin
Writer/Director Susana Darwin (right) with actor Fawzia Mirza on the Hatboxes set.
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A longtime Chicagoan, Darwin is a Southerner by birth, a writer by daily habit, and an engineer by wishful thinking.


Etta WorthingtonProducer Etta Worthington

Producer Etta Worthington decided to pursue filmmaking in 2000, and has made several shorts since then. She recently completed her first feature-length documentary, 50 at 50.  She was involved with the award-winning feature Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together (2011) as co-producer. In 2012, Promise Land was released, a feature for which she wrote the screenplay.  In addition, she produces and directs the sensual web cooking show FOODGASM.

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